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lakefront property, lots and homes

Water, Water, Water

Artesian Lakes’ number one amenity is water – not only because all our 100 waterfront lots and homes overlook beautiful lakes with unique features but also because we have access to a natural aquifer more than 600 feet deep with incredibly pure water.   Water therefore is what defines us: it surrounds us, it sustains us, and it provides our main source of leisure activities.

A Sustaining Resource

The aquifer sustaining our lakes is located under an oxbow of the Trinity River where the swirling eddies of the flooding river have created, over countless centuries, layer upon layer of rich gravel deposits, which act as a natural filtration system to purify the water.  The wells we drill within the community flow naturally from the pressure of the trapped water, hence the definition of artesian wells.

The property currently features six artesian wells, in addition to several natural springs.  These ensure that our lakes will remain virtually at constant-level regardless of drought conditions.

Our drinking water system is fed by a private 5-inch artesian well and has been a public water supply overseen by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality for over 30 years.  The purity and mineral content of our water is unrivaled in Texas.  The delivery system is redundant in every imaginable way to allow for inevitable pump or equipment failure.  Artesian Lakes’ property owners don’t receive a water bill because we made the rather unusual provision to include this ongoing expense in the Community Association fee of $220 per month*.

An Aesthetic Source

Every home on every Artesian Lakes’ lot enjoys the constantly-changing beauty of the lake outside its windows…dancing diamonds in the sunshine…an imperturbable mirror…a ruffled background for a flock of waterfowl…the stunning reflection of a colorful sunset.  And those are just the visual effects, there is also the breeze across the water, and the sounds of fish jumping, ducks landing, raindrops falling and artesian wells flowing and gurgling…Lot locations also allow for personal preferences regarding the lake views which range from large, open expanses of water to intimate and sheltered coves surrounded by woods.

A Recreational Source

Fishing is excellent from every house deck, every common area shore, or from a boat in the middle of a lake.  Professionally-managed by a marine biologist, the lakes are routinely stocked and the fish natural diet is supplemented by feeders strategically located throughout the community.  Bass is catch-and-release to maintain the sport population, but catfish, crappie and other varieties make it to the residents’ tables on a regular basis.

Boating is another preferred activity at Artesian Lakes—whether kayaking for exercise, canoeing for relaxation, or power boating (electric motors only to preserve the serenity) for serious fishing or for lazily cruising at sunset or under the magical illumination of a full moon.  Several boat ramps are available along with boating slips at The Boathouse but most residents have added ramps, boat decks and/or boat houses to their home sites.

Lake swimming is only available at Swim Lake located within The Retreat at Artesian Lakes resort adjacent to the community.  Swim Lakes is surrounded by sandy beaches along one shore and sheltered by giant pines and hardwoods on another.  The lake also features two water slides and is located across from the resort’s salt-water swimming pool which features a hot tub, bath house, and grill serving lunch daily except Sundays.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse features several boat slips and storage bins, an outdoor grill, a fully-equipped kitchen, restrooms and a covered area where residents and their guests can gather formally and informally.  Residents reserve the site for private parties, use it for annual community events, and meet there every Friday morning for coffee.

Hiking Trails

Two nature trails are available for hiking, bike or horseback riding and even golf car driving:  Big Cypress Trail originates at the North end of the community and meanders for one mile through a dense forest of ancient cypress trees parallel to Sycamore Lake and then bisects to lead to the resort or join Big Thicket Trail, which cuts across the forest and over a canal, then continues for two-and-a-half miles toward the Equestrian Center, circles Lake Helena and doubles back.  The network of gravel roads throughout the community is excellent for walking and bicycle riding for both leisure and productive exercise.


Our residents are passionate, and passionately protective, of our community’s abundant wildlife, which includes alligators, armadillos, deer, fox, otter, possum, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and turtles.  The area is also home to a great variety of birds including barn swallows, blue jays, cardinals, cormorants, cranes, crows, ducks (especially flocks of black bellied, whistling ducks), egrets, hawks, herons, hummingbirds, owls, and two types of woodpeckers.

Resort Living

Drive across the internal gates and all the amenities of the resort and conference center at The Retreat at Artesian Lakes are available to you and your family.  In addition to the Swim Lake and the swimming pool, the resort offers:

  • A restaurant—Hilltop Restaurant and Herb Garden—offering dinner every Friday and Saturday evening, Brunch on Sundays, and Special Buffets for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving and elegant dinner events on Valentines’ Day and New Year’s Eve.
  • Hayrides and Campfires every Saturday night
  • A Hospitality building with gift shop and snacks/sundries shop
  • Stables with guided horseback riding
  • Canoe & Kayak rentals
  • A fishing pond for children
  • Playground equipment and volleyball nets
  • A Challenge (ropes) Course
  • Meeting rooms and facilitation services
  • A fitness center
  • A Spa
  • A pool grill serving lunch daily except Sundays during the summer
  • A famous herb garden available for weddings and other special occasions
  • A disc golf course
Go to the Resort website for more information and reservations