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Waterfront Property

This private, gated community of only 100 lakefront lots on 500 acres now has 25 waterfront lots available, each featuring uniquely distinctive characteristics such as densely wooded grounds, hills, islands, or peninsulas and all offering lake views varying from intimately secluded coves to vast open vistas.  Prices are based on lot size and topographical attributes.  Available lots include developer and resale lots.  The photos shown below feature the lake view from each of the lots currently available.

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Islands — one of five islands remains available for purchase.  This property will necessarily require the building of a bridge to access the property.  The island is designated lot #53 overlooking magnificent Oak Lake.  The lot is heavily forested and includes several hills and two coves.

Peninsulas — four lots are located on peninsulas with water on two or three side; three overlook Oak Lake and one overlooks Cedar Lake.

Most Secluded — there are still eight lots located in very secluded, heavily wooded spots overlooking several of our lakes including Sycamore, Fingers and the furthest reaches of Norma.

Wider Lake Views — we have several lots available on The Levee with magnificent open views of Norma and Doc’s Lakes and a few with equally impressive views of Smith and Oak Lakes.

High Hills — Four of our available lots are located on hills, including #49 and #50 overlooking Oak Lake.

Closer to the Resort — for those preferring being as close as possible to the amenities of the adjacent resort and conference center, lots #73, #93, and #94 overlooking Lake Fingers and Lot #96 overlooking Smith Lake--this is a fabulous lot close to the resort and with magnificent open lake views!

Available for Rentals — A couple of lots close to the resort are available for owners who may wish to do so to place their finished homes on the resort’s rental pool.

Most Expansive — The community’s philosophy is smaller lots and lots of common area but the terrain demands that some lots be considerably larger than most.  These are “dream lots” and  include:

  1. The magnificent Inspiration Point (this lot has it all:  a very high hill, lakes on three sides, heavy woods, a very private cove and a very secluded location with magnificent views of Norma Lake).
  2. Lot#3 on Oak Lake:  lots of room, beautiful pasture, woods, lake views and a secluded cove


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Pricing and Property Status Subject to Change without Notice